La Jolla Village
    Montessori School
7427 Fay Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037

Joanne O'Neil, Director Joanne O'Neil Signature


For more information on Dr. Maria Montessori, her work, and our school's philosophy and teaching techniques please refer to the following links.   Website of The Association Montessori Internationale founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori.   Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, entry concerning Maria Montessori (August 31, 1870 – May 6, 1952), an Italian physician and educator.   The International Montessori Index, a Website dedictaed to educating people about the Montessori schools and how to choose a qualified school.   Maria Montessori Institute, dedicated to the training and certification of educators in Montessori techniques.   The Montessori Foundation and its membership organization, The International Montessori Council.

Montessori Children At Play