La Jolla Village
    Montessori School
7427 Fay Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037

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Helping Children Help Themselves

La Jolla Village Montessori School Mission

Our mission at La Jolla Village Montessori is to provide a carefully planned and stimulating environment that fosters the growth and development of each child through creative learning opportunities.

Our classrooms and Montessori materials have been specifically designed to provide diverse and culturally-sensitive learning experiences for young children while creating an excitement for exploration, discovery and achievement.

It is our intent to provide each child with a love for learning and an excellent foundation for on-going education. Learning activities are individualized according to each child’s readiness, skills and abilities.

A child is allowed to work at his or her own pace, repeating tasks and activities as desired.


La Jolla Village Montessori School Goals

1. To promote a positive attitude toward learning in each child

Most of the learning activities are individualized and activities are geared to the child's needs and level of readiness. Each student engages in learning tasks particularly appealing to her/himself, working at his/her own pace, repeating the task as often as he/she likes, thus experiencing a series of successful achievements and confidence.

2. To foster self confidence in each child as an independent learner

At La Jolla Village Montessori School, tasks are designed with steps built on what the student has already mastered, thus removing the negative experience of frequent failure.

Success after success builds up inner confidence in the children, assuring them that they can learn by themselves. These confidence building activities likewise contribute to the student’s emotional development.

La Jolla Village Montessori School Goals

3. To promote the development of concentration skills for an ongoing learning experience

Effective learning presupposes the ability to listen carefully and to attend to what is said or demonstrated. Through a series of absorbing experiences, the student forms habits of extended attention, thus increasing the ability to concentrate and follow through with appropriate actions or tasks.

4. To foster an abiding sense of curiosity in each child

A deep, persistent and abiding curiosity is a prerequisite for creative learning. By providing students with opportunities to discover qualities, dimensions, and relationships amidst a rich variety of stimulating learning situations, the natural desire to comprehend is developed into a habit of curiosity.