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Montessori Parent Testimonials

"When I first came to your Montessori school, I was very shy. You made me feel welcome with your smiles, hugs, and praise. You helped me gain confidence and encouraged me to participate in class. During the school year, you took extra time to help me one-on-one with phonics. Your encouraging words influenced me to read as much as I could. You helped me reach my potential by making me feel more comfortable in school, and without your extra time and support I would not have learned half as much as I did. My transition into Evans was easy because of the strong foundation I received from you. These types of transitions are not always easy, so I am very grateful to you for making mine easy."

Christie, a former student... read Christie's entire letter

"The La Jolla Village Montessori School is an extremely valuable community resource and I sincerely thank you for the education you have provided not only my children, but the thousands you have touched over the past 19 years. Graduation will be bittersweet this year as it will mark the end of our formal relationship with the school, but you will forever be part of our family.
With love and thanks,"

Bob Manning... read Bob's entire letter

"When we decided to leave Norway and spend a year in La Jolla, our main concern was to find a good place for our two girls. We wanted to find a school where we could follow the girls closely, and where we would be sure that they would be safe and happy. Now, finding such a place from the other side of the globe is not easy, but we spent a lot of time reading about different schools and agreed that the La Jolla Village Montessori School seemed to be perfect. And it was.

Lisa and Julie have both had a fantastic year; they enjoyed every day and they have learned a lot. Even if they did not speak a single English word before they came to La Jolla, they both felt relaxed and happy at school from the first week. We would very much like to recommend the school to anyone else and especially for anyone visiting from abroad."

Annette and Aslak

Montessori Parent Testimonials"The La Jolla Village Montessori School played a significant role in helping Helena and Nela assimilate to their new home in the USA. Our daughters' English language skills improved quickly and without effort. They both felt at home and safe in your school. My wife and I especially appreciated your insight into the girls’ personalities and your professional response to them. We only wish you would develop an elementary school that would allow them to stay with you for many more years."

Marc and Iwona

"Our daughter has had a wonderful experience at the La Jolla Village Montessori School since she started last March. It is such a nurturing environment where she has developed remarkably, both academically and socially. Ms. Joanne and her staff are amazing and get amazing result with the children. We feel blessed"!

Naila and John

"From the moment I walked into La Jolla Village Montessori School I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. The children were working together so quietly and concentrating on their work. They were so content and happy. I could see my four children feeling right at home. The location in the village is perfect. The building and the grounds are gorgeous. Joanne O'Neil, the director treated me like family the moment we met and is wonderful with the children. I would definitely recommend La Jolla Village Montessori."

Celeste Johnson - Owner of Sushi On The Rocks

"When our first son was about two and a half, our pediatrician suggested that we contact the Regional Center for an evaluation. He was evaluated and it was determined that he only needed some behavioral consultations and speech sessions. When he turned three, the public school system took over and he was assessed by a speech pathologist who determined that he needed speech therapy.

The summer came (he was 3yrs 3mos then), and we decided to find a good summer school for him. We decided on La Jolla Village Montessori because of the staff, size and location. After a few days at the school, they suggested that he needed a one on one shadow to facilitate his stay. We agreed, and they quickly found a qualified person for him. After a short while, the staff got to know our little boy better and they suspected that he needed special help. They suggested that we request for a full evaluation from the school district. We felt that Joanne really cared for our kid. She did everything in her power to keep him at the school for the summer, at the same time encouraged us to get more help. The fall came and our son finally got a full evaluation from the school district. He was diagnosed with Autism.

After the diagnosis, my wife and I spent months doing research, and we think we found the best possible early intervention program for him. A 14-week intense UCLA intervention program followed by almost two years of home ABA made a great difference, and today he is six and a half and about to start first grade in a typical school without an aid. He still shows many signs of autism but they are mild and not noticed by most people. He is functioning in an academically challenging school and is thriving both academically and socially. Life is good again.

My wife and I are thankful that we met Joanne at the right time. She is a wonderful person who truly cares about the kids. Without her and her staff, it would have taken longer before we had sought the proper help for our son.

Our son got attached to the staff, and he really enjoys stopping by La Jolla Village Montessori for a visit now and then. Thanks so very much"!

Modigh Family

Montessori Parent Testimonials

"A charming school with a family-like teaching staff right in the heart of the village. See you soon"!


"My daughter began attending when she was 2 1/2 years old (for over a year). This is such a warm, friendly, nurturing environment for kiddo's (and parents, too!). It's situated near the village of La Jolla (off of Pearl but walking distance to the Cove). The school itself is a converted house with two main rooms and an office. When I first visited, I was most impressed by the big tree and outside yard the kids get to play in. I wanted to move in!

Then, I was so happy when my daughter wanted to go to school every morning. She made dear friends and always spoke kindly of her teachers!

There are special events, too. Fall Festival offered horsey rides, petting zoo, and many goodies. During the winter holidays, there is a La Jolla Parade that Montessori participates in; last year, the kids dressed in their best PJ's. So cute! Also, there's a special evening dedicated to Dads the week of Father's Day.

I'm the kind of mommy that plans lots of things for my little one, especially after pre-school (play dates, et al). I remember one day when Ms. Joanne called to say that Aryana was a little tired and worn out and I may not want to plan an outing that day. I was touched that she knew our habits and cared so much about Aryana's well-being to actually call me. This would be 'one-of-those' go beyond expectations acts of kindness!

I believe this is a wonderful pre-school. I know your kid(s) will be happy and you'll have the peace of mind knowing they are learning and being nurtured"!!!

Holly Ann Jahangir

"Bringing my son to the school makes me feel very safe, because the school is a warm, calm and welcoming place, where I feel that nothing can harm him. This is why saying good bye to him in the morning is not difficult - I know he is in good hands in a small safe world."

Sofie Cairo

"Thanks Joanne. We are thrilled with you, your staff and your school."

Jack Hart